Finally acquired

After a couple years of hoping, the “Strategic Consulting” business that owned the finally it gave up and it was free to be registered. I would not have been annoyed by their ownership of the domain if it was not for the fact that they seemingly never used it, as shown by the invalid email address on the website, yet they kept renewing and hosting the site. That was until this December, when finally, the domain actually expired unlike the two previous years during which it was renewed. Next started a very long and semi stressful two month wait for GoDaddy to finally release the domain, where in I was just hoping the original owners did not renew the domain. I could have gotten it during the GoDaddy auction, but I refuse to pay GoDaddy money, so I just waited for the auction to end.

Regardless of the fact I now own, will remain the main domain for my blog and all of my actions in the foreseeable future with was just registered for future usage. I do see and acknowledge the irony of that previous statement and how it relates to my complaints on the previous usage of the domain.

In the future when I move from my current home, where I can port forward, and am finally able to refactor my whole setup, the will be for anything meant to be shown on a portfolio, with being for internal websites and non-polished creations.